spiderwebkizzez (spiderwebkizzez) wrote in mz_ann_thropik,

Mz Ann Thropik is back

An Intimate night with The Queen of Hearts... featuring some of Sydney's most talented musicians.
Michele of Tourettes of guest vocals, Andrew of the late ECM of Keyboards, Craig of ex Perfectskerge on drums, Neotokyo on Guitar and Joshua on guitar!!!

Mz Ann Thropik will be performing her songs in a way you've never heard before. A funeral of songs... saying goodbye to the old and introducing the new. Some stripped back, some filled out with organs and tunes so spooky it will send shivers up your spine.

Stories to be told about the songs and sang in a way you least expected...

So come along and step into her Wonderland...

This is an event never to be repeated again... don't miss out!

x o x Mz Ann Thropik Butterfly


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Can't you repeat this event in Melbourne? *cries*
we will be doing much better in melbourne ;) x

mid march